Kitchen Detailing - It's a thing!

We’ve had a lot of requests for kitchen deep cleans lately, and we’re listening!  We all know the heart of the home is the kitchen.  It’s not that we don’t want to keep this room clean & organized, but it’s where life happens; we rush to put groceries away before heading out again to basketball practice and gymnastics, and sometimes we forget to throw away that bag of kale that is no longer edible.  We open multiple bags of carrots, then forget which one is the new bag and before we know it, it’s been several months or years (no judgement) since we’ve cleaned the inside of that fridge…that goes for every part of your kitchen – it is the most neglected room in your home in terms of cleaning because there are so many places to hide.

Our kitchen detail includes, but is not limited to the following:

  •  Every cabinet will be emptied and all contents will be cleaned.
  •  The interior & exterior cabinets will be cleaned with an earth-friendly product (and usually that product smells like lemons).
  •  Every item will be placed back in a meaningful manner.
  • Any glass door fronts will be cleaned front & back.
  • The tops of your kitchen cabinets, if they do not go to the ceiling, will be vacuumed (yes, vacuumed!) and wiped clean.
  • All lighting fixtures will be cleaned.
  • The backsplash will be cleaned.
  • The hardware will be shined.
  • The microwave will be cleaned & sanitized.
  • The oven will be deep cleaned, and that space under the oven, yes, we get under there too.
  • The refrigerator & freezer will be deep cleaned by first removing all food (we’ll get rid of that old bag of kale for you, we promise), then all the shelving and door compartments will be removed to hand wash & dry.  Everything goes back in a meaningful manner, and yes, if that soy sauce bottle is a bit messy, we clean that up too.  The exterior gets love as well, and if we can move the fridge out to get back there, we will.
  • The stovetop – of course!
  • All countertop appliances will be deep cleaned as well.
  • While all this is happening, we have one of our crew members doing baseboards, doors and woodwork in the kitchen area.
  • Lastly, the floor will be swept a few times, then vacuumed thoroughly, spot cleaned for any sticky or dirty areas or stains, and finally, mopped.

It sounds like a lot but when we bring in our crew, and everyone has a particular task they specialize in, it all comes together so beautifully!



always place things back in a meaningful manner...

Argilagos Refrigerator.JPG

The tools....

we've been known to use chopsticks, q-tips and tools made for the dental profession to get to those hard to reach spots.