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Patricia (Patty) MacKinney


I am:

mom to Quinn & Izzy, my everythings, wife to the greatest husband on the planet, clean freak thanks to my mom and late grandmother, lemon and summer enthusiast, and co-founder of Third & Lennox. I’m obsessed with anything that smells good like fresh flowers or anything Le Labo, I adore babies, chocolate chip cookies, fresh greenery, a powerful vacuum and order!


I co-founded Third & Lennox because:

there’s a need for a well-run cleaning service and home organization company! We clean the old-fashioned way. Cleaning this way requires a crew and it requires us to manage the crew with a firm but motherly hand. Our clients deserve them to arrive on-time, look neat, smile and say “good morning.” Our clients expect us to polish hard, climb ladders, get under counters and disassemble the inside of refrigerator in order to sanitize it. We are as thorough as you can get. We dispatch crews of three to eight people over a one-to-three-day period in order to give the home the deep and sanitary cleaning it requires. Our home organization service combines function and style. We don’t just declutter and purge for you, we create a stylized system that you can continue with long after we’re gone.


I love that my partner, Lara:

is hilarious and doesn’t take herself too seriously. I absolutely love her style, whether its fashion, interior design or a vacation destination, she’s my go-to on all things cool. I adore that she insists on playing Bossanova for the crew while they clean — they love it too — and that she’s learning Spanish like a boss. Thanks, Rosetta Stone! I love that she loves Miami and palm trees almost as much as I do, and I really love that our kids are pals.


I want our clients to know:

first, that we take this work very seriously.  Second, we really listen to your needs and wants and we’re passionate about making what you want happen. We are a very customizable and approachable cleaning and home organization company; every home, every family and every situation is different and we pride ourselves on not being cookie-cutter. We have a passion for all things home from cleaning it to making it beautiful, so allow us to help you, we’re also really great with seasonal floral décor whether it’s styling your porch for the next season or decorating your home for that upcoming holiday party or even creating a cutting garden in your yard! If it’s home-related, ask us; if we can’t do it, we certainly know someone great who can.

Lara Duffy


I am:

a proud mom of three, wife to one incredibly patient man, a nurse practitioner, and an entrepreneur at 40. I believe in high standards, reinventing the wheel, and trusting my instincts. I am 100% OCD according to a quiz I took on FB, but duh…


My motto is:

less is more.


To me Third & Lennox is:

a dream come true. I am a design addict and a clean freak. I love order and ease. My partner does too and when you put it all together, you get: clean, organize, style.


I love that my partner Patty:

shares my love for Miami and prosecco. She is savvy, smart, funny, fluent in espanol, and not afraid of Quickbooks. Patty’s cookies are the best. She can DIY with the best of them, and the result is always beautiful. I admire her strength, determination, and her floral skills. Like Patty, I really love that our kids are pals. 


Our clients always say: