On Deep Cleaning

“We bought a home from a family that had lived in it for 20+ years, so there was 20+ years of other people’s lives in that house when I handed it to Third & Lennox for two full days. When I finally returned, WOW, it felt alive, smelled fresh and looked new. You even sourced, liaised and managed the duct cleaning company and carpet steaming guy on my behalf. I cannot thank you enough. We fell in love with the house but were so worried about getting it truly deep cleaned and your team nailed it.” Jill, Locust, NJ 

Today Third & Lennox came to my house and cleaned parts of my kitchen that haven’t seen a cleaning product since the day we moved in. It was like spring cleaning on steroids and it was amazing. And I recommend it to anyone who lives in the area! Oh, and they organize closets, do outdoor plants, holiday decorating a number of other amazing services! Rachel Munger, Fair Haven, NJ

When you get your car washed, it's nice but when you get your car detailed you feel like a new person - that's the feeling I had after Third & Lennox deep cleaned my home.  The crew was professional and neat and the owner was on site the entire time.  The lighting fixtures were taken apart to clean, and the glass on the lighting was so clean that my entire foyer looked brighter!  They even replaced all my bulbs with LED bulbs to save me the trouble.  I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a true deep clean.  Mary Argilagos, Rumson, NJ

“Everything was wonderful and I have to admit that I was overly pleased with all the drawer organization - you and your team definitely exceeded my expectations, and I was amazed that your timing estimate was spot on.  Thanks for everything.  I have recommended you to all my friends.” Katie McGovern, Fair Haven, NJ

“WOW, You did an amazing job!!!  I cannot thank you enough for your efforts in not only fitting me into your schedule on such short notice, but also giving this house a 5-STAR overhaul.  What a relief to walk into the sanctuary you created amidst the chaos left by the painting crew.  A HUGE thanks to you and your awesome crew.” Amy Welker, Middletown, NJ

“Thank you Third & Lennox for making my new house feel like home!  Your talented and hard working crew did a magnificent job -- my floors, my tiles, my windows, light fixtures, and even the tops of my kitchen cabinets sparkle like new.  Patty & Lara are a pleasure to work with and I will not hesitate to call on your company again to "detail” my house when needed.  Highly recommend!  — Saguit Saad, Rumson, NJ

"Let the angels sing!!! Sooo freaking nice to walk into!"  — Josephine Casey, Fair Haven, NJ

“The house looked like it had a hangover from the party the night before — you were the aspirin and strong coffee that clears the head — the house was put back to normal and ready for the next party after your team did it’s magic.” — Edith Nitulescu, Rumson, NJ


On Post-Construction Cleaning

“After our home was built, I was so stressed out over having it cleaned. I didn’t think it could be done before our move-in day but then you arrived with your army of cleaners, ladders and cleaning appliances, and I had hope.  It took two full days (thank you for fitting us in on a Saturday); you went above and beyond and my new home was pristine, the way I imagined it. Thank you for caring so much.” Sheri, Middletown, NJ

With a snow storm in the forecast, Patty and her girls from Third & Lennox came to clean my post-construction house and stayed until it was spotless.  I am fastidious when it comes to my home and I couldn't be happier.  Construction is very stressful and until I met Patty, I was not excited about my move.  Now I can't wait to get in!  Thank you to Patty and her amazing staff!  Daria Sciortino, Red Bank, NJ

"Third & Lennox exceeded my expectations!  Right before moving into a newly built home, we hired Third & Lennox to do a full post-construction cleaning of the home.  The entire team were thorough, professional, careful and did a great job.  Patty & Lara were on site the entire length of the job (which spanned two days) and made sure that everything from floors to woodwork to bathrooms to light fixtures was thoroughly cleaned using the proper products & equipment.  It is clear that they train their staff well & are very attentive to detail.  Third & Lennox took away a big chunk of stress related to our move.  I highly recommend them."  — Jen Olan, Rumson, NJ

“My clients were beyond pleased with how immaculate the house was after the renovation, especially since it was neglected for some time before we even started renovating. You out-did yourselves. Thank you so much.”  — Ralph Delia, FullSail Builders LLC, Rumson, NJ

"We used Third & Lennox for their post-construction cleaning service before moving in to our home.  Everything looked perfect - not a speck of dust to be found.  They were professional, thorough and just a pleasure to work with.  They really made the stress of moving much easier because we could just put our things away, knowing everything was spotless.  We will definitely be returning clients for seasonal cleanings.  I highly recommend!" Marlaina Schiavo, Monmouth Beach, NJ

"Third & Lennox is fanstastic!  They are reliable, flexible, hardworking and easy to communicate with.  They go above and beyond each time to make sure our home looks great and, that we are satisfied.  Just last week when we were out of town, there was a problem with the sink, they called right away, offering to reach out to a professional on our behalf -- It's such a relief to know that Third & Lennox is there is we need anything.  I can't recommend them enough!"  — Melissa Kushner, Monmouth Beach, NJ

“I was in denial about how much cleaning a new build required. Days before moving in, I reached out to Patty & Lara. On moving day, they had a crew here well before dawn and even came back the next morning to re-do the floors. Our new home was cleaned from top to bottom! Third & Lennox exceeded my expectations. I cannot thank them enough!” — Sharon Rude, Rumson, NJ

“This is so much more than I ever expected! I cannot thank you enough and cannot wait to sing your praises all over the internet!” — Bridget Albrizio, Rumson, NJ

“The house looks amazing! THERE ARE NO WORDS!” — Dennis Forde, Lincroft, NJ

“OMG, I’m speechless. The house looks amazing!” — Kelly Gaun, Fair Haven, NJ


On commercial & creative spaces

“Third & Lennox - The incredible team not only brought my studio back to life, they kept the style true to my vision.  They are efficient, professional and the outcome is amazing.  Never doubt a deep clean with organizational skills...it makes for a beautiful marriage, results were outstanding.  I'm so grateful to them for springing my business into shape!  Thank you to business partners, Patty & Lara.” Jolene Baldini, Owner, Dance Mixx, Tinton Falls, NJ

“Before Third & Lennox showed up, our 110 year old loft space (and soon to be new office) looked like it hadn't been cleaned since it was built.  Their crew mopped, sprayed, wiped, vacuumed and dusted every square inch - even ceiling fans, ducts and beams 20 feet up - until it was move-in ready.  If your space needs a deep clean, look no further than Third & Lennox.” Harris Davis, Partner, By & Large Advertising Firm, Red Bank, NJ

“Simply AMAZING!!! And, in this heat and all, BRAVO!” — Jolene Baldini, Owner, Dance Mixx, Tinton Falls, NJ


On Organization

"Wow, you guys did an incredible job with the organization of my spaces.  I didn't know what I needed but you heard what I said and executed it perfectly and made it lovely.  Truly!  I'm so impressed.  Thank you.   Sima Epstein, Rumson, NJ

“I cannot thank you enough. I have so much more usable space in my pantry now and the products you purchased are perfect for maintaining what you did. I cannot wait for you to tackle my garage in the spring.” Becky Klahre, Shrewsbury, NJ

“Third & Lennox gave me back my garage, when I thought there was no hope it would ever be clean or organized again.  Every detail was tended to and now all the spaces they touched seem brand new.  Thanks Third & Lennox.” Jess Angstreich, Rumson, NJ

“Amazing! It looks like something out of TLC or HGTV.  You girls are my angels, I'm so excited for my closet next" —  Christina Harris, Rumson, NJ

"The basement at my business was an out of control situation...I didn't have any free time to make sense of all my inventory and all of the other stuff that was collecting dust.  Third & Lennox came to my rescue and completely, de-cluttered, revamped and restructured our scary space into a pretty place!  My staff was also thrilled about the cubbies and coat racks in our employee lounge.  Efficient, fact and full of great ideas.  These ladies are TOP NOTCH.  We love our new basement."    Erin McCabe, Salon CocoBond

"Third & Lennox came to my rescue!  I needed a play area where toys were unseen & organized.  Their ideas on how to best organize the space while keeping it stylish was perfect.  I highly recommend these girls and can't wait for them to return.  They are a top notch team!  My son is loving his new space and so do I." — Stacey Burcz, Manasquan, NJ

“I could not be more pleased! Finding the right space / place for all my things became overwhelming as it was all strewn between 3 areas. I consider myself and organized person but Patty & Lara came in and worked their magic. I honestly feel lighter. You are both so talented.” — Katie Gay, Fair Haven, NJ

“I love love love it all! Thank you both so much. Working with the both of you was so easy, and you met all my expectations and more. I’m trying to think of other projects for you because I love what you’ve done for our family” — Lauren Finney, Rumson, NJ

“This is not my closet! Christmas in October. I can’t take it. Best day every. I want to marry you. You rocked my world.” — Erin McCabe, Monmouth Beach, NJ

“We started working with Third & Lennox to help organize our busy lives and get our mudroom and master closet in order. Having a 7 year old, working full time and running around, it seems impossible on the weekends to get anything done. Third & Lennox came through and got us organized. We were so happy with them that we also got them to organize our kitchen cabinets, master bathroom and hall closet!” — Dennis Forde, Tinton Falls, NJ

“You are my Marie Kondo, thank you!” — Sara Gerace, Little Silver, NJ

“My pantry was full of condiments that I repeatedly kept re-buying because I could never find anything. Third & Lennox came in and purged all expired items and got our family of 6 well organized. They listened to our needs and what made sense for us. Their customer service is impeccable. Not a piece of trash was left behind, they handle it all. Can’t wait to use them for our homework room — that’s next! Thank you so much for all your help.” — Denise Mauthe, Rumson, NJ


On Holiday Porch Styling & FLORALS

“It’s spectacular!!! Love, love what you ladies did. You continue to amaze. Your creativity exceeds all expectations and is so unique. You tailor everything to the look of the house, which is critical, and to the client’s taste – not easy to do but you’ve mastered it.” Taryn Iwan, Rumson, NJ

"The florals for my photo shoot were perfect"  Kelli Suozzo, Owner Bowerbird, Rumson, NJ

"Perfect & Beautiful, thank you so much"  Denise Mauthe, Rumson, NJ

"I just got to the studio! Even in the rain, it’s all so gorgeous! Thank you"  Jolene Baldini, Owner, Dance Mixx, Tinton Falls, NJ

"Everything looks so beautiful. It was so great to come and see the yard in bloom. You’re the best."  Andrea Trebino, Owner, Rumson, NJ



“Breathing a sign of relief, thanks to Third & Lennox.  They unpacked us - every single box.  They organized every space & they deep cleaned the entire house, and all its contents including baby toys - yes, legos & highchairs too!  It's been a busy 3 days!  You are exceptionally detailed and dedicated to getting the job done.  Thank you so much.”  — a very pregnant, Marie Larocca, Rumson, NJ

“OMG, I'm speechless.  The house looks amazing.  Literally, we are all so happy, and the kids are over the moon with the playroom.    Kelly Gaun, Fair Haven, NJ

"Third & Lennox is an absolute godsend and a MUST if you are moving or simply just want to get your life organized. Not only did they deep clean my entire house, which was spotless and smelled amazing, they unpacked and organized every space in my kitchen. Aside from that amazing feat, what I admired most was all their recommendations — from a handyman, to paint colors and local spots. These ladies go above and beyond and quote literally are organizational, cleaning and style mavens."  — Amy Scholz, Fair Haven, NJ

“The bulk pick-up you coordinated just took away everything left of the move. Your plumber recommendation just came and fixed my plumbing issue. You are a vast treasure trove of resources, some I didn’t even know I needed! Thank you for everything. Your flexibility, calm under pressure and ability to change course on the fly was an absolute life-saver during a move-in and beyond. I just could not have done it without the Third & Lennox crew!” Stephanie Hoitt, Rumson, NJ

“I was blown away by the way you transformed my house. You worked so hard to pay attention to every detail — you even did my floral arrangements and everything in between. You’re amazing and I’m forever grateful for that fresh and clean feeling every time I open my doors” — Sima Epstein, Rumson, NJ